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guardiola amsterdam

9. März Pep Guardiola soll ein Auge auf den Dortmunder Mittelfeldspieler Ilkay Gündogan geworfen haben. Beim Geheimtreffen in Amsterdam war. Dez. Champions League: Guardiola empfängt Lehrling Nagelsmann, Warmmachen für Amsterdam - bei Ajax soll der Gruppensieg gelingen. 8. März Nach Informationen der niederländischen Zeitung De Telegraaf weilte Bayern- Trainer Pep Guardiola am Montag in Amsterdam, um sich mit.

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Incoming Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola.

Johan Cruijff belonged to all of us. Retrieved 13 January Retrieved 1 July In , he scored two goals against Argentina in the quarter-final but without him in we just had the edge.

He was a great player at a time when Dutch football was going through a great period and deserves to be considered as one of the all-time greats.

Archived from the original on 3 April Retrieved 22 September Retrieved on 18 January Retrieved 28 August The s saw the flowering of some brilliant talent in the Netherlands, a hitherto relatively unheralded football country.

Amsterdam -based side Ajax put the Dutch on the map by reaching the final of the European Cup in , but it was their Rotterdam-based rivals Feyenoord that ushered in a new European order the following year by taking home the trophy.

The stage was then set for Ajax to galvanise the game. Retrieved 24 June There was also no rational reason why Dutch football should produce someone like Cruyff at the time that he began kicking around a ball in the East Amsterdam planned neighbourhood of Betondorp Until he pulled on the Oranje jersey, the Dutch national team had failed to qualify for a major tournament since before World War II.

No Dutch side had won European silverware. After a second appearance in , they did not appear in another World Cup until Until the s Dutch football was mediocre.

Holland would occasionally lose to Luxembourg, and considered their main rivals to be Belgium. Retrieved 24 March Retrieved 22 March Archived from the original on 31 December Retrieved 18 March Retrieved 16 November Daily Mail Online dailymail.

Retrieved 10 July Retrieved 2 July The Independent; accessed 24 October The Guardian , 11 February Retrieved 30 May Dutch seeds of Barcelona success.

Back Page Football 14 September ; retrieved 30 May How Guardiola revolutionized football" , CNN. Warrior or tika taka technician?

I nearly joined Real Madrid ". Retrieved 20 October Retrieved 26 September A mortal with the potential of a superman ". Retrieved 9 April The Total Voetballer ".

Retrieved 14 September International Football Hall of Fame. Retrieved 29 September Retrieved 20 April Archived from the original on 16 July Retrieved 23 April The player, the coach, the legacy.

Retrieved 18 July Retrieved 25 September Archived from the original on 29 October Retrieved 27 October A History of Football in Days".

Retrieved 26 March Retrieved 28 October Retrieved 19 July The Neurotic Genius of Dutch Football". Archived from the original on 20 March Were Holland the last true innovators?

Retrieved 18 October Retrieved 21 June Johan Cruyff —96 ". Retrieved 9 September Retrieved 24 July The legacy is clear, profound and present.

Before Barcelona had won 10 league titles in their entire history and no European Cups; since then they have won 13 leagues and five European Cups.

But it is not about the trophies, or not only; it goes beyond that, to philosophy and identity. Winning, sure; a way of winning too. The night in the Dream died".

Retrieved 25 August The Daily Telegraph London. Retrieved 22 July Another Way of Winning. Archived from the original on 14 March Retrieved 29 July Retrieved 2 January Retrieved 26 May Retrieved 26 July The Sunday Times thesundaytimes.

Retrieved 27 July Archived from the original on 30 July Retrieved 11 July Retrieved 29 February The world game, via AAP.

Archived from the original on 28 August Retrieved 9 February Retrieved 25 October Retrieved 21 January The New York Times.

Retrieved 24 October Retrieved 3 December AS Roma Official Website www. Retrieved 27 August You could say he had all the necessary qualities for that position.

Retrieved 13 June Retrieved 12 June The Neurotic Genius of Dutch Football. Retrieved 25 July Retrieved 23 March Perfect XI 1 April "".

The game-changing wisdom of a true football legend". Retrieved 24 August Arsenal News Review arsenalnewsreview. Retrieved 31 August Archived from the original on 19 September Perfect XI 1 March ".

The whole of modern football". Retrieved 12 July Results without quality is boring. Be happy, express yourself and play. Make it special for you and for everyone watching.

For the good of football, we need a team of invention, attacking ideas and style to emerge. That is the greatest reward.

Forever Spreading the Football Gospel". Bleacher Report Media Lab. Retrieved 18 June It marks him out from the vast majority of other coaches who, to a greater or lesser degree, think winning is more important.

Being pragmatic is often a euphemism for winning ugly, and Cruyff has never signed up for that cynicism. In the s, the win-at-all-costs mentality was epitomized by the Italian teams who played catenaccio , the Italian system focused on defending.

Cruyff and his fellow Dutchmen became the heroes of those who wanted football to be more uplifting He sees winning and beauty as inseparable.

He said no because it would be too boring. They believe the world could be a better place if his vision of football prevailed.

Cruyffian football, they feel, is more beautiful, more fun and more spiritual than other approaches Until relatively recently, English football was synonymous with long balls, bad ball control and big, clumsy centre-forwards charging into lumbering centre-halves.

Next season, Pep Guardiola will start converting Manchester City to tiki-taka. Retrieved 11 August I was straight in the garden to try the Johan Cruyff turn after seeing it on TV".

Retrieved 28 July Archived from the original on 22 October Retrieved 30 July What matters is joy. Archived from the original PDF on 3 September Retrieved 8 August One of the most apparent differences between British and local players [South Americans] were their playing styles.

The English values of gentlemanly behaviour dominated and impregnated the spirit of the game—they considered their most important aspects as strength, virility and physical stamina.

The British expected to find the spirit of the gentleman behind every player To the Creoles , soccer was a form of art, while the British executed it like machinery.

One was graceful while playing and the other was more in tune with the technicalities of the sport. How We Play the Game". In the 19th century, the English invented football as a chivalrous substitute for war and played in straight lines with fixed formations.

Brazilians thought of football as a platform for individual artistry. Retrieved 2 June Retrieved 7 October Pep Guardiola makes the team".

Retrieved 8 October Retrieved 1 October Who is the bigger Barcelona icon — Cruyff or Messi? Retrieved 21 July Ronaldinho made us global and Messi has made us universal.

Dove tutto era e doveva essere gioia". Retrieved 24 September Is Tiki-taka simple or complex? Retrieved 27 September Josep Maria Bartomeu told La Repubblica: At the centre of every decision is the ball; if you treat it well, you will be rewarded.

We are a global club, respected and admired, with the mission to entertain. Retrieved 20 August People like Rinus Michels, who influenced his players too, because this is not an isolated way of thinking.

Football Stories — Konbini. Retrieved 4 October Royal House of the Netherlands royal-house. King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands: Psychological Skills for Professional Services Ltd psfps.

Retrieved 20 July Forever Spreading the Football Gospel 8 March , David Winner writes about the state of Dutch football until the mids, "the Netherlands was a third-rate footballing nation, its tactics and facilities stuck in the s.

Yet within a decade, the club and country had become the most important and admired in the world. Cruyff was the man who made it happen. Cruyff put Dutch football on the map".

Ruud Gullit told Telesport: When Cruyff returned to Ajax in , the Dutch were sceptical. The Calvinist Holland of the time distrusted anyone who thought he was special.

By now he was 34, with a broken body. Surely he was coming back for the money? Retrieved 31 July Retrieved 22 August Retrieved 18 August And a club that gets three consecutive or five overall wins will get a special mark of recognition, the multiple-winner badge.

The making of generations in football". Wales striker Hal Robson-Kanu on that Cruyff turn and the years he spent perfecting technique".

Retrieved 6 August Como entrenador, un maestro. He was my childhood hero; I had a poster of him on my bedroom wall. He was a creator.

I cried my eyes out when they lost. I was going to choose Cruyff as a player-manager because I loved his tactical brain.

He was always thinking, he always wanted to improve his players. I know what his teams can do as I watched from the stands as his Barcelona side beat United 4—0 in Retrieved 28 September Retrieved 17 July Rafa Benitez Official Website.

When I was giving my first steps as a footballer he was a myth, an icon to follow. Afterwards, when I became a football manager, Cruyff was one of my references.

For me, my idol was always Johan Cruyff. For me he has always been the greatest, not just as a player but also as a person He has been a point of reference for me.

It was his era, his moment — and he was the best in the world. For me, the best in history. Archived from the original on 2 July Retrieved 15 July Retrieved 26 August Archived from the original on 23 March That system is a Dutch system.

Johan Cruyff exported it and played in that system. The Dutch used that system in in the World Cup in Germany.

Johan Cruyff, who had been his captain at Ajax, followed two years later. Together, they established the school of soccer whose philosophy lives on in the modern Barcelona.

They pressed high, they prioritized possession , they interchanged position. They were also happy to flip between three and four at the back as required, something that was particularly true of the Barca side Cruyff coached in the early nineties.

Until the start of this season, Pep Guardiola had, broadly speaking, stuck to 4—3—3 and its variants. But against Villarreal on the opening weekend of the season, Barcelona lined up in a 3—4—3.

From Ajax, to Barca". Watching his Netherlands dart and thrust their way around Uruguay or Argentina in , or seeing his Ajax outwit Juventus in the European Cup final in , was to see a devastating puppet-master toying with lumbering opponents.

There has never been such a great player who was also such a great manager. In that he stands utterly unique.

Retrieved 21 September Retrieved 23 July Retrieved 12 August The Making of the Greatest Team in the World , 2nd revised edition. Retrieved 21 August All of those players were either recruited to Barcelona as stripling kids or bought as professional talents based on the football bible that Cruyff wrote.

Bravery, meaning making the right pass, the right darting run, the right "show" for the ball no matter the pressure, no matter the risk.

Why Barcelona will keep winning, with or without Luis Enrique". This is not about the power of money. It is about the power of ideas — and one grand idea in particular.

It is the idea of La Masia and the idea of football played in line with Cruyffian ethics — an ideological position on the mode of production and the style of play.

First aroused by the Dream Team in it was reignited by a new generation: It is difficult to overstate the impact he had.

The building blocks were possession, pressing and proactivity, the idea that the opposition would adjust to you, not the other way around.

The concept was that football was something to be done right, or not done at all. For Cruyff, playing well suggested adhering to certain fundamental canons of style and execution.

That Cruyff "idea of football" has come to mean many things to many people. When he [Cruyff] walked into the dressing room and drew 3—4—3 on the tactics board for the first time, this is how the players reacted: It was a revolution".

This was when players were chosen for their physique, or more accurately, not chosen because of it. Cruyff changed that, focussing instead on ability and technique, cultivating players who treated the ball with care, were quick and pressed the opposition.

Archived from the original on 13 July Retrieved 13 July Retrieved 29 August How Pep Guardiola created the greatest football team in the world".

Barcelona said goodbye to the 4—4—2 system. Cruyff would never use that again. He introduced the 4—3—3 and later even the 3—4—3 system, with only three defenders.

The way we played under Cruyff was revolutionary. In my eyes it was sometimes too attacking but that was Johan Cruyff for you Our game was full of risk.

I was not even a real defender and had to move into midfield with the ball whenever possible. We also pushed right up in every game.

It created fantastic games to watch but we were also punished. We left big spaces behind our defence, but Cruyff said we would win the majority of our games and he was right Cruyff was deliberately looking for players who could play in the attacking style he had been used to in the total Dutch football of the seventies.

He brought in Michael Laudrup , he bought me and Hristo Stoichkov You are going to be his tutor, help him develop and make sure he learns the Dutch style of play.

He wanted to know about the Dutch school of football. More than any other player he wanted to know about one-touch football , about positional play.

He brought with him Total Football, a belief in possession football, rooted in a high offside line, pressing and the interchange of players on the field and, in , the great Dutch forward Johan Cruyff.

This was perhaps the greatest coaching seminar in history, and the philosophy it taught was that which had been flowing from Ajax to Barcelona, which believed the same things but had more money, for three decades: Cruyff my biggest influence".

I had some great years with Rinus Michels: But Cruyff was the coach in my career. He was someone I spent a lot of great years with — my best years.

Being part of that Dream Team at Barcelona was without doubt the highest point of my career and all the successes we had, the football we played, was down to him.

They considered him scrawny, bad defensively and ineffective in the air. What nobody saw was that he had the basic qualities to go far: Barcelona Football Blog barcelonafootballblog.

But in the run-up to the World Cup, Cruyff persuaded Michels to pick Jan Jongbloed , a goalkeeper who liked to roam far from his line and was unusually good with his feet.

His style, now routinely copied by goalkeepers around the world, allowed the Netherlands to press even higher up the field. The story of how one man, armed with a brochure and tactical nous, changed a nation from championship no-hopers to global superstars".

How Belgium built their golden generation". Einige der damaligen Mannschaft sind wie ich Trainer geworden. Wir sind alle Cruyffistas.

We like football that is attractive, attacking and easy on the eye. Winning Clasico in style would be best tribute to Johan Cruyff". Our idea of football is all about putting on a show.

Not just winning, but winning with style We look for individual flair through command of the ball and a clear idea of how to play.

There have been different managers over the years, all with different approaches to the same method.

He was the kind of exceptional personality that marked me and all my generation. The other day Michel Platini was speaking about him and he had exactly the same impression I think that is a very generous idea because it starts from the fact that you want to express yourselves and give pleasure to the people sitting in the stands.

The only respect you can give to the people in the stands is, at least at the start, to give them some pleasure and transform our game into art.

What Icons are in the new game and how do you get them? Retrieved 12 September Ich glaube, ich war auch nicht die Einzige in Europa. Archived from the original on 15 August De taal van Johan Cruijff "Utopias who never happen".

The Global Art of Soccer. Johan Cruijff" ; retrieved 9 September Cruijff began his career at Ajax with the number 9. After a long injury, in he came back wearing the number 14, which he kept for the rest of his football career.

When Cruijff turned 60, Ajax honoured him by deciding not to allow any other player to use the number 14 ever again. The Scottish Sun thescottishsun.

Cruyff Classics official website. Johan Cruyff Management worldofjohancruyff. Retrieved 19 September Van God heb ik een hoop kwaliteiten gehad".

Barcelona v Real Madrid: I almost joined Real Madrid ". Why the Dutch master wore the famous number 14 shirt".

Retrieved 2 February Retrieved 23 September Dutch legend Johan Cruyff views Spain as final favourites ". Retrieved 5 August Cruyff is a family man He also managed to keep himself, his wife and children away from the wrong kind of tabloid headlines.

His son Jordi has praised Johan as a very considerate and playful father and that his childhood was a very happy one, although his father was away quite often.

So, for Johan Cruyff his family may have been even more important than his football career The balletic genius who changed football all over the world".

Then Carles Rexach published his book and also claimed that she [Danny] always had a big influence over his career.

She can also be blamed for Holland missing out on the World Cup in , and then probably winning it, why not, when Johan had to go on a trip to Milan with Danny to buy shoes for her shop in Amsterdam.

He returned too late for the Dutch training camp before their decisive qualifier against Bulgaria and was subsequently dropped.

A draw ended all hopes of a trip to Mexico. Following his heart operation in , Danny became stricter in controlling her man.

He withdrew as [Netherlands] national coach for the World Cup in a cloud of arguments after an initial agreement.

She probably forbade him to go as it was too dangerous for his health. Several times since, Cruyff has promised to commit to some responsibility, only to resign later with some half-hearted excuse.

Danny appears to be very well capable of handling Cruyff. These Football Times thesefootballtimes. According to newspaper AD , the man, a labourer from Rotterdam, drove to Barcelona buying a sawn-off shot gun on the way.

Danny made a dash for the door and when her screams alerted neighbours the attacker fled, dropping his gun. After some fisticuffs with other residents he was handed over to the police and spent a couple of years in prison.

Later Cruijff said the attempted kidnap was the reason he decided not to go to the World Cup in Argentina in Archived from the original on 12 November Retrieved 9 July Ajax — the Jewish club".

Netherlands great diagnosed with lung cancer". Barcelona, Ajax and Netherlands legend diagnosed with lung cancer". Retrieved 22 October As Cruyff said in a statement on his official website Cruyff Management — The World of Johan Cruyff , "After several medical treatments I can say that the results have been very positive, thanks to the excellent work of the doctors, the affection of the people and my positive mentality.

Right now, I have the feeling that I am 2—0 up in the first half of a match that has not finished yet. But I am sure that I will end up winning. Retrieved 1 November Johan Cruyff was a visionary".

Holland v France halted in 14th minute to honour legend". Retrieved 6 April Archived from the original on 12 January Archived from the original on 30 June Maradona voted top player".

Archived from the original on 12 March Archived from the original on 8 January Retrieved 25 May Retrieved 1 June Retrieved 29 March World Team of the 20th Century.

France Football magazine award. Van der Kuijlen Dutch Golden Boot Winner. Van der Sar Merged with the Dutch Footballer of the Year award in World Soccer Manager of the Year.

Stein Reiziger Laureus Lifetime Achievement Award. Nawal El Moutawakel Laureus Spirit of Sport Award winners.

Boston Red Sox European Ryder Cup Team Afghanistan national cricket team Johan Cruyff managerial positions. AFC Ajax — managers.

FC Barcelona — managers. Catalonia national football team — managers. Retrieved from " https: Webarchive template wayback links CS1 maint: Views Read Edit View history.

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Guardiola also has his key constituency on the board: Any doubts about his methods have been answered both on the training ground and on match day.

Such accusations cannot be made any more. When at Chelsea four years ago the Belgian was underwhelmed by the tactical nous of the man in the opposite dugout at Old Trafford on Sunday, Mourinho.

De Bruyne holds the opposite view of Guardiola, believing his sublime talent is being burnished by the manager. Likewise, Raheem Sterling, whose 13 goals already exceed his previous best for a full season and include six result-changers, with five winners.

Every day he wants to improve you as a player and I feel I have done that off the pitch as well. A lot of the football we play is one or two touches.

Simple messages that will help you on the pitch, will help you better than having too much to think about. Those close to the squad speak of the bond being genuine.

While Stones talks of the manager importing his message in a few words, De Bruyne has spoken privately of how Guardiola can be a distant figure, speaking to him only when necessary — but it counting when he does.

The demanding nature Stones speaks of is reflected in the way professionalism has been elevated throughout the club. The greatest indicator of how the manager has revolutionised City since reassessing can be found where it matters: After 15 Premier League games only two points have been dropped.

In all, they are unbeaten in 23 league matches, stretching back to a loss at Chelsea in April. Cruyff also loathed playing on artificial surfaces, which were common in the NASL at the time.

Also in January , manager Jock Wallace of English club Leicester City made an attempt to sign Cruyff, and despite negotiations lasting three weeks, in which Cruyff expressed his desire to play for the club, a deal could not be reached.

In March , Cruyff took the field for the first time for Levante. Having failed to secure promotion to the first division, a contract with Levante fell through.

After his spell in the U. After 34 games, however, Ajax finished the —81 season in second. In December , Cruyff signed a contract extension with Ajax.

In the —82 and —83 seasons, Ajax, along with Cruyff, became league champions. In , he scored a famous goal against Helmond Sport.

While playing for Ajax, Cruyff scored a penalty the same way Rik Coppens had done it 25 years earlier. At the end of the —83 season, Ajax decided not to offer Cruyff a new contract.

Despite his relatively advanced age, Cruyff played all league matches that season except for one. Because of his performance on the field, he was voted as Dutch Footballer of the Year for the fifth time.

At the end of the season, the veteran announced his final retirement. Cruyff played his last game in Saudi Arabia against Al-Ahli , bringing Feyenoord back into the game with a goal and an assist.

As a Dutch international, Cruyff played 48 matches , scoring 33 goals. In his second match, a friendly against Czechoslovakia , Cruyff was the first Dutch international to receive a red card.

Cruyff had a separate sponsorship deal with Puma. Cruyff led the Netherlands to a runners-up medal in the World Cup and was named player of the tournament.

The Netherlands faced hosts West Germany in the final. Teammate Johan Neeskens scored from the spot kick to give the Netherlands a 1—0 lead and the Germans had not yet touched the ball.

Since then everything looks more or less the same to me It was a team where you could pick [Johan] Cruyff and place him on the right wing.

If I had to put him in the left-wing, he would still play [the same]. I could choose Neeskens, who played both to the right and to the left of the midfield.

Thus, everyone played in any position. Cruyff retired from international football in October , having helped the national team qualify for the upcoming World Cup.

Initially, the reason given for missing the World Cup were political reasons given a military dictatorship was in power in Argentina at that time.

In May and June , Cruyff returned to Ajax again. After having appeared for the club as a player, Cruyff returned to Barcelona for the —89 season , this time to take up his new role as coach of the first team.

In the Netherlands, he was strongly praised for the attacking flair he imposed on his sides and also for his commendable work as talent spotter, discovering, for example Marco van Basten and Dennis Bergkamp.

His second in command was Carles Rexach , who had already been at the club for a year. But, this did not just happen with the first team, the youth teams also displayed that same attacking style, something that made it easier for reserve players to make the switch to first team football.

It did not work immediately but he [Cruyff] recovered the identity he had embodied as a player. He took risks, and rewards followed.

Over 25, supporters travelled to Switzerland to support the team. Twenty-five thousand supporters accompanied the team to Wembley, while one million turned out on the streets of Barcelona to welcome the European champions home.

As Barcelona manager, he laid systemic foundations for a prominent school of football: It was that which has sustained Barcelona since the days of Vic Buckingham , Rinus Michels and Cruyff as player in the early s: He is talking not only about the understanding of the game and their ability, but about human qualities.

The theory being that, not only is it pleasant to be unassuming, but also if you are humble, you are capable of learning — and the capacity to learn is the capacity to improve.

Since his arrival, Johan had tried and succeeded in convincing the club to train all the junior teams in the same way as the first eleven — and to favour talent over physique.

Cruyff used to smoke 20 cigarettes a day prior to undergoing double heart bypass surgery in while he was the coach of Barcelona, after which he gave up smoking.

He also led the anti-smoking campaign developed by the Health Department of the Catalan autonomous government. Cruyff juggled a cigarette pack 16 times in an anti-tobacco video sponsored by the Catalan Department of Health.

While still at Barcelona, Cruyff was in negotiations with the KNVB to manage the national team for the World Cup finals, but talks broke off at the last minute.

As well as representing Catalonia on the pitch in , Cruyff also managed the Catalonia national team from to , leading the team to a victory over Argentina in his debut match.

On 2 November , Cruyff was named as manager of the Catalonia national team. It was his first managing job for 13 years. Later in his reign as Barcelona manager, Cruyff suffered a heart attack and was advised to quit coaching by his doctors.

He left in , and never took another top job, but his influence did not end there. Though he vowed never to coach again, he remained a vocal football critic and analyst.

He continued to be an adviser for him, although he held no official post at Barcelona. Again Barca was successful, winning back-to-back league titles and another Champions League crown in After two relatively disappointing campaigns, Laporta survived a censure motion and an overhaul was needed.

On 26 March , Cruyff was named honorary president of Barcelona in recognition of his contributions to the club as both a player and manager.

On 20 February , in the wake of a major research on the ten-year-mismanagement, it was announced that Cruyff would be the new technical director at his boyhood club Ajax, his fourth stint with the Amsterdam club.

On 11 February , Cruyff returned to Ajax on an advisory basis after agreeing to become a member of one of three "sounding board groups".

Cruyff became a technical advisor for Mexican club Guadalajara in February In September , Cruyff and Ruud Gullit were unveiled as ambassadors for the Belgium—Netherlands joint bid for the World Cup finals in or at the official launch in Eindhoven.

Throughout his career, Cruyff became synonymous with the playing style of "Total Football". In this fluid system, no footballer is fixed in their intended outfield role.

The style was honed by Ajax coach Rinus Michels, with Cruyff serving as the on-field "conductor". Ajax defender Barry Hulshoff , who played with Cruyff, explained how the team that won the European Cup in , and worked it to their advantage: Cruyff always talked about where people should run, where they should stand, where they should not be moving.

It was all about making space and coming into space. It is a kind of architecture on the field. We always talked about speed of ball, space and time.

Where is the most space? Where is the player who has the most time? That is where we have to play the ball. Every player had to understand the whole geometry of the whole pitch and the system as a whole.

The team orchestrator, Cruyff was a creative playmaker with a gift for timing passes. At the start of the move that led to the opening goal, Cruyff picked up the ball in his own half.

The Dutch captain, who was nominally a centre-forward, was the deepest Dutch outfield player, and after a series of passes, he set off on a run from the centre circle into the West German box.

The first German to thus touch the ball was goalkeeper Sepp Maier picking the ball out of his own net. He was at the heart of a revolution with his football.

Ajax changed football and he was the leader of it all. If he wanted he could be the best player in any position on the pitch. With most players, tactics are missing.

You can divide tactics into insight, trust and daring. In the tactical area, I think I just have more than most other players.

Anyone can do that by practising. Then you can work in the circus. Technique is passing the ball with one touch, with the right speed, at the right foot of your team mate.

He could do everything when he was He sees football situations so clearly that he was always the one to decide how the game should be played.

He dubbed him " Pythagoras in boots" for the complexity and precision of his passes and wrote, "Few have been able to exact, both physically and mentally, such mesmeric control on a match from one penalty area to another.

A real football brain. He had superb control, he was inventive and he could perform magic with a ball to get himself out of trouble instinctively.

This side would really keep hold of the ball. Winning is an important thing, but to have your own style, to have people copy you, to admire you, that is the greatest gift.

He also always spoke highly of entertaining value of the game. The beautiful game , for him, is about as much the entertainment and joy as the results.

In thinking of Cruyff, the victory is truly meaningful when it can fully capture the minds and hearts of competitors and spectators. As he once noted, "Quality without results is pointless.

Results without quality is boring,". He sees simplicity and beauty as inseparable. But playing simple football is the hardest thing", as Cruyff once summed up his fundamental philosophy.

To play well, you need good players, but a good player almost always has the problem of a lack of efficiency.

He always wants to do things prettier than strictly necessary. It was neither carried out to embarrass the opponent nor to excite the watching crowd, but because Cruyff estimated that it was the simplest method in terms of effort and risk versus expected result to beat his opponent.

Cruyff looked to pass or cross the ball, then, instead of kicking it, he dragged the ball behind his planted foot with the inside of his other foot, turned through degrees, and accelerated away.

I was not humiliated. I had no chance. Cruyff was a genius. The effect of this encounter with Total Football on Argentinian and Brazilian football was significant: The mind-body duality always plays an important role in his footballing philosophy.

My Story , " Because you play football with your head, and your legs are there to help you. Why does a player have to chase the ball?

Because he started running too late. You have to pay attention, use your brain and find the right position.

If you get to the ball late, it means you chose the wrong position. Bergkamp was never late. As he put it, "Every trainer talks about movement, about running a lot.

Football is a game you play with your brain. You have to be in the right place at the right moment, not too early, not too late.

He wants to gel winning teams and has a militaristic way of working with his tactics. I want individuals to think for themselves and take the decision on the pitch that is best for the situation On the basis of the criteria which are now in use at Ajax [recommended by Van Gaal] I would have failed the test.

When I was 15, I could barely kick the ball 15 metres with my left and with the right maybe 20 metres. I would not have been able to take a corner.

Besides, I was physically weak and relatively slow. In his posthumously released autobiography My Turn: In his autobiography, Cruyff explained why he made a set of 14 basic rules, which are displayed at every Cruyff Court in the world, "I read an article once about the building of the pyramids in Egypt.

It turns out that some of the numbers coincide completely with natural laws — the position of the moon at certain times and so on.

And it makes you think: Take Rembrandt and van Gogh: That applies equally to football, but also to something like the Cruyff Courts and school sports grounds.

My fourteen rules are set out for every court and every school sports ground to follow. They are there to teach young people that sports and games can also be translated into everyday life.

As coach at Ajax and Barcelona, he built thrilling sides, nurtured a remarkable number of genius players and influenced many of the most important teams in the world.

Once radical and revolutionary, Cruyffian principles have become standard throughout the modern game. His blueprint for developing young players has been copied all over the world.

And there may have been better managers, too, if only because his coaching career only lasted 10 and a half years during which he won 14 trophies, not a bad return.

Referring to the influence of his style of play at Ajax, Barcelona "Dream Team" , and with the Netherlands "Total Football" , in addition to the Cruyff courts he set up around the world for kids to hone their skills, football journalist Graham Hunter states, "Johan Cruyff is, pound for pound, the most important man in the history of football.

If he had not installed a culture, a philosophy at the Nou Camp, then Lionel Messi would have been rejected and sent home as an underdeveloped year-old kid.

Johan Cruyff and the World Football" in English , concluded that the Dutchman was the most influential figure in football history, stating no one made a bigger impact both as a player and as a manager.

I believe the target of anything in life should be to do it so well that it becomes an art. When you read some books they are fantastic, the writer touches something in you that you know you would not have brought out of yourself.

He makes you discover something interesting in your life. If you are living like an animal, what is the point of living?

What makes daily life interesting is that we try to transform it to something that is close to art. And football is like that. When I watch Barcelona, it is art.

Cruyff was the most famous exponent of the school of football known as Total Football Totaalvoetbal in Dutch explored by Rinus Michels.

Never in my life have I seen a player like Cruyff rule matches. He was the owner of the show. Much more than his team, the referee or the fans.

His grip on what was happening on the field was amazing. He was a player, coach and referee at the same time. A man who played football like no one else.

An esoteric pursuit that completely changed the game. The reason he is a great is because he understood the game like no one else ever did and probably ever will.

His vision, his ability to see the game in a way that no one else could have was his gift. It showcases his talent, the way he formulated the game in his head and then was able to execute it perfectly with his legs.

No one piece of video could ever do that. With Cruyff, you have to think in order to be able to understand it. One of very few players who actually have a dribbling move named after them, Cruyff also perfected and popularized a feint now known as the Cruyff Turn or Cruijff Turn.

With its simplicity, effectiveness and unpredictability, the Cruyff Turn remains one of the most commonly used dribbling moves in modern football.

His world record move from Ajax to Barcelona in made him the first player to cost more than two million US dollars. He was elected the third-best footballer of the 20th century in a poll by the World Soccer magazine.

We are awaiting the fifth, and it is sure to be Messi, but so far he is not among the kings. If you look at the greatest coaches in history, most of them were not great players.

Johan Cruyff did both — and in such an exhilarating style. In July , website Football Pantheon included him on its list of the top 50 greatest managers of all time.

The starting point of his system was always the Total Football doctrine of dominating the game with ball possession. That was a big lesson for me.

They showed us how important it is to possess the ball. I learned how important it is to have control of the ball in European matches.

As Jonathan Wilson writes, "He [Cruyff] was a beautiful, brilliant and inspirational player and that alone would have placed him firmly in the pantheon, but what he did as a coach is unparalleled.

When he took over Barcelona in , they had won two league titles in 28 years. Crisis had followed crisis. In the 27 years since, they have won 13 league titles and five Champions Leagues All with the football of Cruyff.

It was the brainchild of Cruyff. In , he wanted to establish a copy of the Ajax Youth Academy in Barcelona. It was ten years after the inception of the youth program, La Masia, when the young players began to graduate and play for their first team.

One of the first graduates, who would later earn international acclaim, was previous Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola.

On 11 July , Spain won the World Cup final with eight players from Barcelona; seven were from La Masia, and six of them were in the starting line-up: This set a record for the most players to be provided by a club side for a team in a World Cup final.

Cruyff blended several ideas and concepts and converted them into a philosophy — the seeds of which were planted throughout a club in urgent need of a footballing identity.

I make myself available to help you; I look at you. I stop, I keep my head up and look, and, above all, I open up the pitch. Whoever has the ball is running play.

That comes from the school of Johan Cuyff and Pep Guardiola. He introduced the philosophy to keep the ball, to play in triangles, to attack.

That philosophy remains true to this day. Writing in his weekly blog for Kicca. The intelligent use of the ball and the spaces, the importance of talent over the physical condition and the understanding of football as a team sport are concepts that I definitely endorse.

As a prominent graduate from the famed Ajax Youth Academy , he always believed using regularly young home-grown players in first-team squad.

He established a unique model at La Masia where the youth players could grow up and have a better chance to be part of the senior team, as they would already be accustomed to the style of play.

Cruyff is the one who started it all. We all have the ability to do certain things, but I would not have been able to build something from scratch like Cruyff did.

I learned a lot of things from him. He has had the biggest influence on football out of anyone in the world, first as a player and then as a coach.

He taught me a lot and you can see that in the fact that so many of his former players are now coaches". The titles only help.

Johan has changed two clubs. Not only did he change Ajax, but also Barcelona — and then the Dutch and Spanish national teams, too.

I would not have been capable of doing what he did at Barcelona. He did it all. The statue thing is superficial. Cruyff has left us now, but his vision and philosophy will hopefully live forever.

You can see it in the way Barcelona—one of two clubs Cruyff revolutionized, along with Ajax—still plays every week.

I think a lot of people share that [philosophy] with him. You want to see this type of game, where you set the tone, you control the game, you make it fast, you make it attractive and attacking.

This is his mark. A footballer in gloves. He thought it was a waste of a player. As Cruyff once said, "In my teams, the goalie goalkeeper is the first attacker and the striker the first defender.

In , the Italian-language documentary film Il profeta del gol was directed by Sandro Ciotti. In , the documentary film Johan Cruijff — En un momento dado " Johan Cruijff — At Any Given Moment " was made by Ramon Gieling and charts the years Cruyff spent at Barcelona, the club where he had the most profound effect in both a footballing and cultural sense.

You are a role model. Football is one of the great ways to make peace among people. When a player like you arrives in our country the eyes of the children light up—Jewish, Arab or Muslim.

In the Netherlands, and to some extent Spain, Cruyff is famous for his one-liners that usually hover between brilliant insight and the blatantly obvious.

They are famous for their Amsterdam dialect and incorrect grammar, and often feature tautologies and paradoxes. Johan Cruijff — En un momento dado.

Upon arriving in Barcelona, the Spanish branch of Polydor decided to release the single in Spain as well, where it was rather popular.

Cruyff suffered a heart attack like his father who died of a heart attack when he was 12 in his early forties. He used to smoke 20 cigarettes a day prior to undergoing double heart bypass surgery in while he was the coach of Barcelona.

Cruyff was forced to immediately give up smoking , and he made an anti-smoking advertisement for the Catalan Department of Health.

In the TV spot , Cruyff is dressed like a manager in a long trench coat combined with collared shirt and tie. He juggled a cigarette pack 16 times — using feet, thighs, chest, shoulder, and head like holding up a ball — before volleying it away.

Throughout the commercial he speaks in Catalan about the dangers of smoking. In , a public poll in the Netherlands to determine the greatest Dutchman " De Grootste Nederlander " named Cruyff the 6th-greatest Dutchman of all time, with Cruyff finishing above Rembrandt 9th and Vincent van Gogh 10th.

I love the cars. In , Cruyff was reaching the twilight of his career in Barcelona. He began to imagine creating a range of footwear himself to challenge the technical and luxury qualities of those on the market beforehand.

After a few years of trying and failing to encourage big sportswear brands to take his idea seriously, after all this was quite an unusual ambition of a professional sportsman at the time.

Eventually he combined with his close friend, Italian designer Emilio Lazzarini, and using his knowledge he set out to create a technical shoe which managed to balance functionality with elegance.

Initially the range was filled with "luxury" indoor football shoes, but they quickly became used as a fashion shoe due to their attractive appearance.

And so Cruyff Classics brand was born. Cruyff was a multilingual , as British football writer Brian Glanville described, "his intelligence off the field as well as on it was quite remarkable.

How well I remember seeing Cruyff surrounded by journalists from all over the world in to whose questions he replied almost casually in a multiplicity of languages.

The Johan Cruyff Foundation [] has provided over Cruyff courts in 22 countries, including Israel, Malaysia, Japan, United States and Mexico, for children of all backgrounds to play street football together.

Born in the heavily damaged post—World War II Netherlands , Cruyff came from a humble background and lost his father as a child. This had a great influence on his future career and character.

He was renowned for his strong personality. His character, both in and beyond the footballing world, was much described as the complicated combination of an idealist, [] individualist, libertarian, collectivist, romantic, purist, pragmatist, rebel, [] and even despot.

And Cruyff decided his time in Amsterdam had come to an end. He joined Barcelona just weeks later, two years before the Spanish dictator Francisco Franco died, maintaining to the European press corps en route that he chose Barcelona over rivals Real Madrid because he could never join a club " associated with Franco ".

The president of Ajax wanted to sell me to Real Madrid, Barcelona was more than a club. At the World Cup, Johan Cruyff was under contract with Puma in a deal that prohibited him from promoting other sports brands.

The Netherlands national football association had little choice but to honor the wishes of their best player, and Dutch officials eventually persuaded Adidas to design a separate jersey just for Cruyff, with just two stripes running along the sleeves.

Until the s, players did not have fixed numbering — except in some short competitions like the World Cup or European Championship where players were given a designated number.

The starting players usually wore jerseys from 1 to 11 and the substitutes, from 12 to Cruyff offered his shirt to Muhren and went to the basket to pick another one at random.

It happened to be the number As Cruyff was the first player on roster, he would be number 1, but he refused and insisted to wear his lucky number Although the number 14 had become a trademark for Cruyff, he could be seen wearing his old number 9 on other occasions, like on most of his career for FC Barcelona , because the league demanded starting players were numbered 1 to 11, [] or for Netherlands in the European Championship.

Cruyff had remained a highly controversial figure throughout his life. Also, in his native Netherlands, there has been always a love-hate relationship between Cruyff and his fellow countrymen.

He loves an argument, and his conflict-model method of working can be bruising. Battles with club presidents and teammates led to ruptures, especially at Ajax and Barcelona, the two clubs that defined his career.

Cruyff was also well known for his vocal criticism and uncompromising attitude. A perfectionist , he always had a strong opinion about things and was even loyal to his principles more than any thing else in the football world.

I am Dutch but I support the football that Spain is playing. We have sold this uniqueness for about six percent of our budget. I understand that we are currently losing more than we are earning.

However, by selling the shirt it shows me that we are not being creative, and that we have become vulgar. There are problems with the values within the game.

This is sad because football is the most beautiful game. We can play it in the street. We can play it everywhere. But those values are being lost.

We have to bring them back. They started dating, and on 2 December , at the age of 21, he married Danny. The marriage is said to have been happy for almost 50 years.

The family has lived in Barcelona since , with a six-year interruption from December to January when they lived in Vinkeveen , the Netherlands.

In , Cruyff announced his decision to retire from international football at the age of 30, despite still being lean and wiry, after helping the country qualify for the World Cup.

It was while still living in Barcelona as a player in late , Cruyff and his family became the victims of an armed attacker who forced his way into his flat in Barcelona.

But for Cruyff, family comes first. In the interview with Catalunya Radio , he said that the attempted kidnap was the reason he decided not to go to the World Cup in Argentina in The children were going to school accompanied by the police.

The police slept in our house for three or four months. I was going to matches with a bodyguard. All these things change your point of view towards many things.

There are moments in life in which there are other values. We wanted to stop this and be a little more sensible. This was seen as a provocative gesture towards the then Spanish dictator General Franco, who had made all symbols of Catalan nationalism illegal.

Cruyff had to fly his son back to the Netherlands to register his birth as the name "Jordi" had been banned by the Spanish authorities.

The younger Cruyff wears "Jordi" on his shirt to distinguish himself from his famous father, which also reflects the common Spanish practice of referring to players by given names alone or by nicknames.

Cruyff once described himself as "not religious" and criticized the practices of devoutly Catholic Spanish players: And it stays with you.

Cruyff is also said to have had an attachment to Jewish culture, having grown up in the Amsterdam municipal Betondorp populated by a sizeable Jewish community, and more prevalently because of his lifelong connections with Ajax Amsterdam — a football club with such strong Dutch Jewish influences that some have even dubbed it a "Jewish club".

Football has lost a man who did more to make the beautiful game beautiful than anyone in history. Cruyff had always been a heavy smoker from his boyhood until he underwent an emergency bypass operation in After giving up smoking following the surgery, he took to sucking lollipops when watching games.

In October he was diagnosed with lung cancer. Writing in his weekly De Telegraaf column, Cruyff admitted, "Often the media are an additional tax, but the last week that has been different.

The way in which a reply is posted via a variety of media in my situation, was emotional and heartwarming. I am extremely proud of the appreciation shown by all responses.

Because the investigation is ongoing. In mid February , he stated that he had been responding well to chemotherapy and was "winning" his cancer battle.

Cruyff appeared to be in good spirits and it is believed this was the last time he was seen in public. He was cremated in Barcelona within 24 hours [] following his death.

A private ceremony was held, attended only by his wife Danny , children Chantal, Susila, and Jordi , and grandchildren. Today football has lost one of its best ever players and ambassadors.

I am very sad because Johan was my childhood hero, my idol and my friend. I met him a few times after he left football, always playing golf, a sport he loved.

He would always talk about football in the same way he did when he was playing and coaching—with plenty of passion and excitement.

A legend has gone but he has left an important legacy. Former Israeli president and prime minister Shimon Peres paid tribute to Cruyff as a cultural figure and writing on Facebook: He was a role model who promoted world peace.

He brought the values of education into the game of football and proved that on the field, everyone is equal — Jews, Muslims, and Christians — that running fast and playing well will lead to victory in spite of discrimination and racism.

Your work promoting sport and peace gave hope to children and youth around the world. Just before half-time he wandered into the dug-out and asked Charly Rexach , the youth team manager at the time, the name of the young lad playing on the right side of midfield.

Cruyff ignored the comment and told Rexach to move him into the middle for the second half, to play as pivot. It was a difficult position to adapt to and one not used by many teams in Spain at the time.

Guardiola adjusted immediately, as Cruyff had suspected he would, and when he moved up into the first-team in he became the true fulcrum of the Dream Team.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Cruyff with the Netherlands in I was born shortly after the war, though, and was taught not to just accept anything.

More important, they invented a new way of playing. His vision of perfect movement and harmony on the field was rooted in the same sublime ordering of space that one sees in the pictures of Vermeer or church painter Pieter Jansz Saenredam.

It was the music of the spheres on grass. As a player, he turned football into an art form. Johan came along and revolutionised everything.

Barcelona was not born in the last couple of years. It was born, the style of play now, in the early 90s through Johan Cruyff.

We showed the world you could enjoy being a footballer; you could laugh and have a fantastic time. I represent the era which proved that attractive football was enjoyable and successful, and good fun to play too.

As a footballer, as coach and also for what I did after all that. He has enriched and personified our football.

He was an icon of the Netherlands. Johan Cruijff belonged to all of us. Retrieved 13 January Retrieved 1 July In , he scored two goals against Argentina in the quarter-final but without him in we just had the edge.

He was a great player at a time when Dutch football was going through a great period and deserves to be considered as one of the all-time greats.

Archived from the original on 3 April Retrieved 22 September Retrieved on 18 January Retrieved 28 August The s saw the flowering of some brilliant talent in the Netherlands, a hitherto relatively unheralded football country.

Amsterdam -based side Ajax put the Dutch on the map by reaching the final of the European Cup in , but it was their Rotterdam-based rivals Feyenoord that ushered in a new European order the following year by taking home the trophy.

The stage was then set for Ajax to galvanise the game. Retrieved 24 June There was also no rational reason why Dutch football should produce someone like Cruyff at the time that he began kicking around a ball in the East Amsterdam planned neighbourhood of Betondorp Until he pulled on the Oranje jersey, the Dutch national team had failed to qualify for a major tournament since before World War II.

No Dutch side had won European silverware. After a second appearance in , they did not appear in another World Cup until Until the s Dutch football was mediocre.

Holland would occasionally lose to Luxembourg, and considered their main rivals to be Belgium. Retrieved 24 March Retrieved 22 March Archived from the original on 31 December Retrieved 18 March Retrieved 16 November Daily Mail Online dailymail.

Retrieved 10 July Retrieved 2 July The Independent; accessed 24 October The Guardian , 11 February Retrieved 30 May Dutch seeds of Barcelona success.

Back Page Football 14 September ; retrieved 30 May How Guardiola revolutionized football" , CNN. Warrior or tika taka technician?

I nearly joined Real Madrid ". Retrieved 20 October Retrieved 26 September

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